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We Are A Full Service Wood Pellet Manufacturer

SOTUR Pellet adheres to the policy of making wood pellets that meet or exceed the specifications for premium grade pellets as set forth by the Pellet Fuels Institute.

SOTUR Pellet is committed to continuously improving its products and services to better meet the heating needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on making a consistent and reliable high quality wood pellet which our consumers have come to know and experience. Since the founding of the company, SOTUR Pellet has been focused on consistently providing a high heat, low ash quality wood pellet. The company’s success over the years has come through its understanding of wood and the handling of diverse woody materials.

We have developed and implemented a Quality Management System that helps us continuously improve our processes by providing ongoing quality training, by rewarding performance and initiatives that improve quality and efficiency, and by establishing and meeting measurable quality goals. We test our product in our new in-house advanced quality testing laboratories at each of our three plants and at our independent third party laboratories.

Our stringent quality standards apply to every pellet in every bag and exceed industry standards. And while a primary goal of our company has been to constantly improve upon and evolve our premium wood pellets, one thing has never changed: our dedication to making not just the best performing wood pellets in Hungary, but the most trusted, too.


The Premium wood pellets are produced in Hungary and are made from 100% Spruce.



The wood pellets are produced in Hungary and are made from 100% Pure Pine.



The Excellent wood pellets are produced in Hungary and are made from 100% Oak Wood.



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Wood pellets are excellent alternative sources of heat for multiple reasons:

  • Cost – When you replace your oil heat with wood pellets, you could save up to $680 per year
  • Environment – You’ll produce less CO2 than standard heating practices. What’s more is that our wood pellets are manufactured from sustainably harvested wood.

If you burn 1 ton of wood pellets, you will replace approximately 120 gallons of heating oil, 170 gallons of propane or 4,775 kWh of electricity. That adds up to a lot of savings!

What’s more, burning wood pellets is cleaner than organic decomposition in the forest because wood pellets are considered carbon neutral.

The benefits are extensive—from cost to environment, wood pellets are quickly becoming consumer’s choice for heating.

Wood pellet manufacturing plays a vital role in the broader forest products industry. Wood residues are an inevitable by-product of the production of virtually every product made from wood. Demand for these residues from wood pellet producers adds important revenue streams to the producers of these products and ensures that all of the value of harvested wood is captured.  Wood pellets provide a clean, renewable heating fuel option for consumers reducing the dependence on fossil fuels while simultaneously contributing an economic benefit to local economies. Wood pellet manufacturing puts people to work in rural communities all across the country. ONE TON OF WOOD PELLETS HAS THE ENERGY EQUIVALENCY OF 2.8 BARRELS OF #2 FUEL OIL.

I have searched for the elusive “perfect” pellet brand for four years. This is the first year I have used SOTUR Pellets and I am now a devoted customer. Best pellets we have ever used!!

Jenson Deo


Happy Clients

Pellet Fuels, Greenhouse Gases, and Climate Change

I recently purchased a pellet stove this fall and have been experimenting with different pellet brands. I came across your pellets at a local and I must compliment you on your product. I found your pellets to be the “best of the best”. They burn very efficiently and produce the best heat.

Bob Johnson


Thank you so very much for the results! Burn efficiency 99.61%!! That made my year! That goes to show that no other pellet could burn as efficiently as SOTUR Pellets! The key is the color of the flame as it is almost transparent indicating few impurities. Thank you again for your incredible support.

Hailey Reid


Go green with SOTUR Pellets! We believe that it is important to educate consumers on becoming environmentally aware. By using wood pellet fuel, you are able to help reduce society’s dependence on oil and gas. Also, wood pellet fuel diminishes the waste destined for landfills.

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